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Acid Staining Concrete

Acid staining is a process that gives your concrete a unique, mottled, variegated, marble like look. It is a coloring process that involves a chemical reaction. We create a solution with a mixture of water, acid and inorganic salts, this solution will react with minerals in the concrete which creates variations of color and mottling.

Acid staining can be applied to any new concrete floor or slabs, but we can also perform this technique on older floors and slabs. Acid staining is most popular for concrete floors, commercial floors, residential basement floors and garage floors, but we can acid stain any concrete surface.

Call Cool Crete at 920-982-1674 to give your concrete floor or any concrete surface a fresh and unique look with different color variations and a nice mottled, marble look.

Here at Cool Crete we offer a large selection of colors, patterns and finishes. We believe in quality and you can see that in our work.

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